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Bobby K., Oklahoma City

Are you in an automotive-related business and looking to expand your bottom line? Are you seeking a business opportunity with virtually unlimited potential and profitability? Currently the Spray on Truck Bed Liner business is one of the most lucrative profit centers in the automotive industry, and the #1 Selling Pickup Truck Accessory!

Chances are you are reading this because you have an interest in becoming an Xtreme Liners Dealer, and would like to see more dealer information. Congratulations on your decision to look into the industry's finest spray on products. Becoming an Xtreme Liners dealer is easy, and can become profitable quickly thanks to our all inclusive systems designed to give our dealers all they will need to get started fast bringing in extra profits!

Xtreme Liners adds a perfect expansion opportunity for...
  • Tint shops
  • Paint & Body shops
  • Auto Accessory stores
  • New and used car dealers
  • Off-Road & 4X4 Shops
  • Auto Service Centers & Mechanics Shop
  • Towing & Wrecker Services
  • Trailer & Frame Shops
  • Custom Car Audio Shops
  • Tire Stores
  • Muffler Shops
  • Metal Shops & Welding Services
  • Auto Glass Dealers
If you're looking for a very lucrative profit center, and a great way to expand your business, you've found it with Xtreme. Aside from expanding your current business, this is also a perfect opportunity to start a business! In recent years the spray in bed liner business has grown to the point of becoming and all inclusive business. Business minded people all over are starting Spray in Liner businesses that only spray bed liners! Proof of how lucrative a spray in truck liner business can be! Xtreme Liners can help you get on the road to success!

Our kits include :
  • Indusrty-leading equipment, chemicals and supplies
  • On-site hands-on training for you and your staff
  • Protected market areas
  • 24-hour support
  • Marketing and advertising support
  • Ongoing research & innovative product development
Click Here To receive an Xtreme Liners information package and product sample. One of our professional sales staff will be in contact to confirm your information and to help you assess your exact needs, so that we may develop the proper spraying solution to fit your business. Your future is Xtreme!
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