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Bobby K., Oklahoma City

An Xtreme Liner spray in truck bed liner gives your truck bed the highest quality protection available. Because the liner is professionally sprayed, the entire truck bed is sealed against moisture and foreign debris. This helps protect the undercarriage of the truck from rust and corrosion as well, since the spray on product reduces moisture build up on the metal's reverse side. But it will also improve upon the look of your truck bed, while virtually eliminating unsightly damage.
The thin, hard surface of your Xtreme Liner protects your truck bed toyota_truck against scratches, dents, dings and scuffing. But it also gives your truck bed a tough semi-skid surface that can take a loads of punishment, still allowing objects to be moved, such as pallets piled with heavy loads. No matter what your loads are, the Xtreme Liner will help protect your truck bed, adding more life to your vehicle.
If you don't expect to be moving really heavy loads in and out of your bed, and prefer a slightly softer non-skid surface, our new “Grip It!” is for you. Your truck bed liner will still resist dents and scuffing, but will retain the toughness you'll need for your truck bed to last for years to come.

The textured surface of your Xtreme Liner is resistant to many chemicals, helping protect your truck bed from saltwater and spills. And since loads won't slide when you don't want them to, transporting loads will be safer.

Aside from your truck bed becoming indestructible, your truck will have a higher resale value with an Xtreme Liner. Ever see a truck that was well taken care of, but also well used with no bed liner? Once a buyer gets a look at the damage done to an unprotected bed, the seller loses value in the sale. Over the years, your Xtreme bed liner will help prevent rust, scratches, dents and abrasions, extending the truck's service life and giving you a better value and ownership experience.

Nothing improves the looks of your pickup truck bed more than an Xtreme Liner. Unlike some other liners, the Xtreme Liner has a beautiful, glossy look that lasts a lifetime. And because the bed liner is custom-sprayed to the contours of your truck bed, the entire truck bed has a clean, continuous surface that looks impressive and protects equally as well, while having the appearance of a factory installed product.
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