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Bobby K., Oklahoma City

Xtreme Liners industrial coatings are specifically engineered to create an impenetrable barrier between your valuable equipment and nature?s harshest elements, such as exposure to high humidity, salt water, or extreme temperature changes. Xtreme Liners industrial coatings can stand up to the punishing conditions of Oilfield applications, doing duty on vessel decks, walkways and in cargo. Xtreme Liners spray-on elastomeric coatings also extend the useful life of machinery and plant equipment, especially on mobile apparatus.

Xtreme Liners industrial coatings are highly resistant to a wide range and chemicals, including caustic and nitric acids, automotive gasoline, aviation and diesel fuel, kerosene, crude oil. A range of Xtreme Liners industrial coatings are available to meet or exceed specific customer requirements and specifications.

Xtreme Liners dealers apply a wide range of application-specific products designed to protect a variety of substrates in all types of industry. Our environmentally-friendly coatings, made of 100% solids, offer high tensile strength, impressive elongation (stretchability), and superior abrasion & corrosion resistance.

  • Enhance performance & extend service life of equipment.
  • Tough, seamless protection of concrete, metal, wood and fiberglass.
  • Technical data sheets available.
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